How to reach a field with multiple images from another related collection?

Hi there. I have two related collection with one blog at two different languages. And want to reach multiple images field and set them in lightbox. In tempate of native collection it works perfectly, but, I have a problem in template of related collection . How to solve this problem?

Hi Tech,

You didn’t share your project readonly link so I can only guess at what you’ve setup. The place most people get confused here is that to access an image gallery field, you need a nested collection list for it.

Collection list - bound to Coll X
  Heading etc.
  Nested collection list - bound to the gallery field of the current item

You’ll likely still be able to do this even if Coll X has a ref to Coll Y, and that gallery field is in Coll Y - but the ref will have to be a single-ref, not a multi-ref.

Here.This project is really a little confusing, I’m making a new version right in the old one, needed collection is eng-blog. Im new in webflow, and if you tip me how to clean up my project, Ill really thanksfull :face_with_peeking_eye: