Dynamic template with two collection lists


I am trying to find a way to assign a collection to a template page created by another collection. Full-disclosure: I’m trying to work around image gallery limitations. My simple set up is showing in the attached sketch.

With collection(a) I want to be able to create dynamic gallery template pages showing hero image, gallery title and a short description AND with collection(b) I want to populate a grid on the same page showing individual images listed with details such as title, size, medium, price. I am assuming there is some jquery magic that can plug a collection into a collection list or something like that. But perhaps I’m overlooking something. Thanks in advance for any help.

Welcome to Webflow, I think you need a Multi-Reference!

Thanks for your response. I was able to get this to work by combining all art entries into a single CMS collection. However I would still be interested in a way to do this with code so that I wouldn’t need to combine entries. Combining entries will be more confusing to manage and will also overshoot the 100 item limitation for most clients.

  1. I want javascript to identify which image gallery is appropriate to “load” and then

  2. “load” it into a grid applying the appropriate fields to their placeholders.