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How to remove .html extension for exported code

Is there any way to export site’s code without .html extensions?
I tried all .htaccess “tricks” but it does not work if I do not delete manually html extensions in html files.
I have a lot of pages and having to delete .html extensions each time I update seems to be a bit pain.

Maybe it is a good idea to make an optional code export without .html extensions?



I’ve previously requested the ability to provide our own file extensions
------ at the page level. (not the project level).

For example…

“about” page: about.htm
“report01” page: report01.php
“salesdata/php” page: salesdata.php
“/contact/htm” page: /contact/index.htm
“/sales/php” page: /sales/index.php

I believe what you are looking for is under the ‘Create a robots.txt file’ section here

Whoops, wrong answer! If (when you upload your site to the host) you create a folder for each page and then rename each page to index.html, all pages will have the name of the folder, and thus no .html extension. Not sure about custom extensions though.

At least that is what I understood from my dad. Still relatively new to web design myself =) The previous thing I mentioned was just to prevent google showing the index.html address on search I believe.

BTW you will have to make sure to relink the file paths for each link to each page.

Sorry for the multiple replies but I just want to verify that this is what you were aiming to do?

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