How To: Prevent Mobile devices from loading scaled versions of website

Hello everybody,

I am in need of non-urgent advice on setting the website to load on all mobile devices, as it loads on a desktop device. By this I mean, I would like the viewport to remain unchanged from the desktop version for all instances.

Is there an easy way to place some code in the header to activate this possibility across all pages?

Thank you in advance. Cheers.

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Normally with meta viewport. But i am not sure that you can change that in webflow so easily.

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I’ll definitely take a look at it, I’ve tried already putting in some code, but without avail.

I shall catch up on the link you sent, thanks.

Check out this: Forum Post

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Just did. Will get back to you after I get a chance to test it on mobile. Currently at library and don’t have a mobile device.

Thanks again.