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How to prevent client using massive megabyte images?

Most of my clients have no knowledge of image sizes or photo editing apps. They are very likely to upload 10mb image files and break the internet.

Other CMSs I have used automatically scale, crop and resize images that clients upload, to the correct dimensions, so that the images used on the site are not massive.

Does Webflow do this? Or will client’s sites end up with loads of 10mb image files, (when 50kb would be fine)?

Maximum image size allowed is 4 Megabytes.

Ok, does Webflow automatically scale, crop and size images? So when a 50kb image would do, the client is using 4mb images?

It depends on how the image is being used in the design. Background images are served exactly as they’re uploaded (unfortunately) but image elements utilize responsive sizing by default.

One trick I’ve seen people do for CMS images is to have the client use Airtable as the backend and automatically sync to Webflow with PowerImporter. Airtable resizes the images automatically, and PowerImporter will make sure to use the biggest image that is under Webflow’s 4MB limit.