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Restrict CMS Image Size?

Hello Webflow geniuses,

Is there a way to restrict the file size of images uploaded via CMS? I have set up a photo gallery with strict instructions on maximum file size, but they regularly go ahead and upload 1-3mb photos. Multiply that by 10-20 and you’ve got some serious page load times! I find myself having to keep going in to their Collection and resizing the images myself.

Thanks all!

Hi Andy,
When you say “they” & “their”, who are you referring to? Users? Admins? Editors?

Hey avivtech,

Sorry, I should have been more specific. I have set up the website owner as a collaborator. Not being particularly proficient with technology, they regularly “forget” to resize their images before uploading via the CMS collection I created for their gallery.

Got ya.
That is a problem I run into sometimes as well… my only solution is ‘education’.
If the colaborator is not disiplin enough, then I go to their boss and explain to them how bad the website functions when it weighs 30mb…

I thought as much. Would be awesome if we could manually set a limit to file sizes being uploaded as part of the CMS Collection settings. Might put that in the Wishlist…

Ah well, I’ll have to keep an eye on it and keep telling him over and over again lol

Hi @Andy_Vaughan,

You can add help text telling them not to upload pics greater than a certain size. At least, if their site has performance issues, tell them they didn’t follow the guidelines and that you’ll charge a maintenance fee for resizing the assets, this should help them follow the guidelines.