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How to place checkbox outside of the form?

Hi, WF community!

I know, that before there was a possibility to place form’s elements without form itself by dragging it with Alt from the Elements Panel. And I used it very often. For example, I need checkbox functionality without any form. But now seems that doesn’t work no more. =(

How you do the same now? How I can place a checkbox (radiobutton, etc.) without a form?

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Hi Maksim,
I think that this “old” functionality was kinda bug in the webflow system. The form widget has some specific code behind it and it can not function with only partial elements.

When I need something similar I solve it in one of these 2 ways:
a. Use the form widget, delete all elements aside the one needed and remove all classnames and properties so it won’t take any space other then the actual element I use.
b. Create a checkbox input field with custom code inside a custom code widget.

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Yeah, I also thought about bug… but that was useful bug! =D
Anyway, thank you so much for solutions!

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