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How to pick a homepage when you select a theme

Hi everyone,

I recently purchased my first theme for my website, it was Lumen. I like how the Saas version of the template looked and I would like to use it as my template for the website.

When I design the sign, I can navigate to the other homepage versions of the website that I did not like.

My question is: how do I select the pages/styles I want to use on the website?
My initial thought was to delete the pages I did not want, and then rework the navigation bar. My gut tells me there is a better way of doing this.

Any additional insight and tips you have about setting up a template would be appreciated. Thank You!

Hi Josh,

If you delete the pages, you will not be able to re-use them later without purchasing the template again.

This is because templates are not themes and are more like a starter kit which you can customise your site from (a shortcut instead of starting from scratch).

I would recommend to save them as DRAFT instead, and maybe moving them to a seperate folder if you do not want to see them in your other pages in the Designer - You can check how I do this on my own projects in the below screenshot.

Also, if you do not want other pages linking to these, you should edit your navbar(s) and remove the nav-links that could potentially point to them.