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Can't Delete Template Intro Page

Hi There-

Just bought a template, loaded it up and am trying to move pages around. In addition to not being able to move a page outside of the folder it’s currently in, I can’t delete the intro page. The trash icon does not show up.

Any help is appreciated.


The intro page is the landing page. What is the user going to land on if the landing page is deleted?

Hello @tregan13

Im author of the template, first thanks for purchasing FlatkitCMS :slight_smile:
About your question this happen because the Intro page was linked as current homepage.

To change this you need to go to one of Homepage option, remove it from folder (Selecting None) and make it as current homepage (top right home button), and then you can delete the Intro page:

Hope this help.

Let me know,

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Hi Deni,

I’m also working in Flatkit- how do I get the nav links to set to the new pages rather than standard ones from the template? I’ve taken out the dropdown links and added new ones for sections I’d like to go to (unlinked for now) on the new pages, but I can’t find the link settings for the actual page in the nav bar?

Second question: The pages that I’m not going to use, is there a way I can archive them so I can still make use of the template if I wish to switch to the layout of a page in the future?

Third question: if I go to the other pages I’ve renamed and updated URLs and slugs for, the nav bar becomes completely white if I change the class (but Intro still appears if I hover over it) it says nav style 1 at the bottom, and 2 at the top. What am I doing wrong?

Hello @symptest

First thanks for purchasing Flatkit. Now about your questions:

  1. Hope i have understand the question, take a look to the video below:

  2. Yes just don’t link it in the navigation links and you can create a folder Archive and put it all the pages in that folder.

  3. Please send me your shared link so i can take a look close because this is strange.

thanks so much for that wonderful information, Deni. When I click on the Home link, it is grayed out just like the picture above and can’t figure out how to remove it from the current folder. Would you please provide further information on how to do that. many thanks!