Uploadcare alternatives?

Are there any alternatives to Uploadcare specific to file uploading?

I love the way uploadcare integrates into Webflow forms and attached an upload link directly within the form submission, however, the 100MB limit at $45/mo seems a bit ridiculous.
What doesn’t work for me is that the next available plan is $385/mo for a 5GB upload limit, and a lot of other great features that we just don’t need.

The client would be happy to pay more than $45 for easy file uploading with a higher limit, but $385 it out of the question…

What’s your use case?
Maybe I can recommend different solutions.

A lawyer needs to have clients upload files (accident records, etc.) along with a basic form (Name, Contact Info, Message, etc.)

What I really like about Uploadcare is the way the link shows up in the e-mail just like any other field.

You could look at machform cloud or self hosted.


Hi there! I’m Daria, working in Uploadcare.
Thank you, @peej, for the question about our pricing!

As I understood, you’re interested in uploading, so there is no need for you in the Professional plan ($385) because the value here is in the technology of delivering content.

On Starter plan ($45) plan you have 15GB of storage. The 100MB limit is on Community plan (absolutely free), which is genuinely not your option. So, the Starter plan suits you best. If you exceed any of the limits, you’ll just pay as you go (Starting at $0.12 per extra GB).

As you can see from the image( I marked the Starter plan in yellow), you’ll have 150 GB of traffic.

Also, we use a unit system. How does it work? Units are counted in this way, 1 unit is a file up to 100MB. Files above 100MB will count more units. For example, if a file weighs 350MB, then there will be 4 units. So, you can upload files that are more than 100 MB, but it will be more than 1 unit in it.

Furthermore, you are always welcome to address any questions to our support team.
Just drop them a message via hello@uploadcare.com

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Hello Daria,

I’ve been in touch with Vick and he was kind enough to provide some options. However, your explanation of how units work actually helps to clarify a lot, thank you for that!

I really appreciate your help. :yellow_heart:

Hey @peej, I am having the same situation as you did. Did you end up going with Uploadcare for $45/month? Or is there some other plan? I love the widget but $45 would be even more expensive than maintaing my whole site…

Thanks for the tips!

The client had another solution he was already paying for without realizing it! So we ended up choosing to go with that instead.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help

Thanks for the answer, @peej! I am using uploadcare on the community plan for now, for future reference. It has a submission limit but it works for me for now