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A way to increase form file upload size for files that Zapier will handoff to Airtable


So long story short, we’ve got quite a large project that will be using a lot of forms. In in each form the user will upload one or two files. On Form Submission, Zapier will trigger a zap that grabs the data from the form fields and the uploaded files and adds them to a table specific to that form in Airtable. The file size limit on Airtable is something like 5gb per file, so not an issue at all, but Webflow will only allow 10mb, however, as the files will never live on Webflow, but instead in Airtable, is there a way I could upload for example a 100mb file in a Webflow form and get it into Airtable without any 10mb issues. Ideally we’d like to stick with Webflow forms, not only for styling and we can make them real pretty, but also because this project will already be using a number of third-party tools (Memberstack, Airtable, Webflow, Zapier) and I don’t want to keep running up costs, especially to just get a file into Airtable. Any suggestions would be great.