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How to open modal from button inside symbol

Hi guys!

Pretty new to Webflow and like all the others also pretty excited about it :slight_smile:

I’ve got stucked with one issue and maybe here is someone kind who could help me:

So I have this page with these symbols called “Service cards”, which is awesome, but at the bottom of each symbol I have a “Read more” button which should open a modal. I successfully did it with the first one, but I don’t know how to trigger the other modals.

I can duplicate the modal and set the interactions to open this duplicated modal, but being inside a symbol, all of the changes :frowning:

What am I missing here? Can you help me?

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Hi @ruben-ad

Can you share your read-only link?

Piter :webflow_heart:

Hello @PiterDimitrov

Thank you very much for taking your time. I found a workaround and share here a read-only link in case someone have the same problem:

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Happy to hear your found a solution @ruben-ad !