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Symbol modal interaction on button click


This is my first post on the forum having started with Webflow a week ago.

I’ve created a modal and made it a symbol following the video demo by Pixel Geek:

I’m attempting to use the interactions from the first modal example in this video.

I’m finding it difficult to get my interaction to work and wonder if it’s got to do with the my button and my modal being (in) symbols.

If you click the Request Consultation button on the Portfolio page nothing happens. However, I believe i’ve placed the interactions correctly and my modal is by default display: hidden.

If I manually change the display state before previewing the page, and then click the close icon or off modal area (as in the video), the modal closes again but it won’t then re-open.
I’ve read that I need to ensure the modal’s states are complete around the click to open - click to close ‘loop’ and think I’ve got this right but can’t see why it’s not working.

Can someone tell me how i’ve got this wrong? Is it my interactions or is it because I’m trying to change the display state of a symbol instance and it doesn’t like it?



Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Any webflow staff able to help here? TIA

delete navbar trigger

Thanks for this.

Why does the interaction still work if there’s no trigger on the Nav bar?

Look carefully ,in button element you have set a trigger .
sorry ,my english is pretty basic.

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I’ve progressed quite a bit further with my website but am now finding I need a new modal for other purposes.

In the blog page, I want to use the button on the navbar to ‘contact us’ - opening the contact us modal component. This is a duplicate of the one mentioned above and has had some overrides and other stuff done to it so it’s form and function are different than the original ‘consultation modal’ component.

The modal is opening when the button is pressed but it’s not closing and I don’t know why. Can anyone see why not?

Help is appreciated. Thanks