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Hey guys. I created a pop-up modal form as per the webflow tutorial video. I want this to appear on multiple pages on the website though. I am trying to create a symbol out of the main modal window div but I cannot. Do I have to create a new pop-up modal on every ingle page now? I am using the same form and interactions for an “apply” button to used across multiple pages. Thanks!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Could you provide read-only link to your project, please?
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Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

I hate sharing unfinished work! LOL It feels like… errr… not showering for a week and going on a date. But here ya go

Notice the apply button on the front page. Then when you go to any of the ASSETS WE ACCEPT pages youll see an apply button below the main text in the pertainent hero sections. I want those buttons to do the same the apply button does on the home page.



Ok, now I see what is going on.

When you are trying to create symbol it shows the warning "Nested symbols are not allowed"

Because you have the other symbol inside the modal window. If you are going to create the symbol from whole section (div) you do not need a symbol inside it.

So, disconnect that symbol inside the modal and you will be allowed to create the symbol from whole modal :slight_smile:


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I will learn how to read my errors next time lol.

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