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How to open Item collection details without reload page

Hi ,
I’ve a collection list items and when I click on the item it opens details of it and page is refreshing.
I’m having this issues, I just want to open details of item without page refreshing .
I’ve tried to use this custom code:
Any suggestions on how to solve this problem?

Without examining your site, I can only guess on what you want.

So my solution to this guess is to use Tabs. Set your tab collection to what you want to see and another dropdown collection for the main material.

For instance:
I want to see all cities, towns, etc. within a state. I use the dropdown to pick the state and the tabs for the cities, towns, pot shops, bars, whatever. The page will not refresh when I select a new state with it’s information.

I hope this is understandable and a correct guess.

You can do that with custom code. What you’re looking for is AJAX.

Using tabs is not a scalable solution.

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