Click collection item and show preview of collection in same page

Is it possible that if you click a collection item you can show the collection page in the same page?
similar to this image?

You can do that using interactions and some creative collection list setup.
Here’s a tutorial and cloneable for two similar approaches-

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I see but the slugs change, I wonder if its possible without that happening.

Yes that’s done as an added feature, look at the custom code, if you don’t need it just remove that piece.

Wait- hold up. Where are you looking? I just checked and I’m not doing any URL history changes on either of these demos. Most likely you’re clicking the card and in this demo, that navigates you to the collection page.

The expand demo shows the info on hover. The modal demo shows when you click the Modal or Sidebar buttons. You can use the same techniques to create any particular preview / navigate functionality you want.