How to Make Tooltip(Glossary) on CMS richtext item


I want to create a Tooltip on different parts of a CMS richtext content. How possible is this at the moment?

I want user’s to be able to hover a text and get a definition popped up. Is this possible?

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It is easy with a little custom code.

Here is a tutorial I created using Tooltipster.

Tooltips for Webflow Sites - The Easy Custom Code Way - WF How

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You will also need to incorporate another technique I use to target content in a rich text element. What you want to do is very custom but if you work from both techniques I share you can create an approach that could work for you.

@webdev is this applicable for text? I want to create tooltips for certain terms used in a rich text CMS field.

If you are trying to add tooltips to Rich Text content you would need to use the custom code feature available in that element. As long as any element has the tooltip class you selected, and the title of that element will be shown.