Linking a cms tooltip to a cms modal

I am trying to add a tooltip onto a word to bring up a modal that adds more information, all via cms.

Really struggling here, sharing the link with how far ive got.

Thanks in advance!

Here is my public share link:

Hey Josh, it’s a slightly complex build.
I’ll use terms in reference to the linked words, and definitions in reference to the pop-up content.

If your count of definitions is low, in the hundreds max, the best approach I’ve found is-

  • Create a cms collection with your terms and definitions
  • Build a separate cms collection on the page containing your definition modals, each with a trigger button. Build this out and make sure the triggers work correctly to open the correct modal. ( see cloneable )
  • Hide the definition modals & trigger buttons
  • Link your terms **
  • Custom code to trigger the term-specific definition popup

** As term triggers, I like to create it as a ##term link, so that it’s easily managed in the designer, and the script easily knows how to wire up the appropriate trigger button.

Here’s a nocode lib I’ve built to simplify the trigger wiring, so that a link to ##coffee would click the associated button with the matching name in its SA5 attribute;

The cms modal construction here is the hardest part, use this cloneable as a guide;

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the speedy reply - I’ve had a read through and attempted to action these points but still getting stuck. Do you have any further advice on what I’m doing wrong?



Hey Josh, it would take quite some time to unpack and debug your setup, if you need some pro dev help, drop me a message.

However I’ve added some notes to my post above, and a cloneable on the CMS-driven modals setup.

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Thanks Michael - the cloneable is helpful. I will keep trying and reach out again if I get stuck!