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How to make text change while scrolling

Is it possible to make text change like from 1 to 2,
in the same place, while scrolling in the same section?
Like “1. we care” and when you scroll more you see “2.we help”…
How could I do it?

Like this example here i made it in photoshop

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Up, No One ? Can answer ?

There’s no way to “Control Mouse Wheel Scrolling” to have an effect that allows an interaction on the “Number of Scrolls” to trigger a show for an element. I’ve tried this myself as a test.

However, you could have a “Page Scrolled” action on a Fixed section that is 100% of the viewport. Something like a 1-Page minimum landing page, where there’s no content but what’s in view.

That section would have a “Page Scrolled” interaction. Then set the action on the 2 number text elements. Both would have an initial state of outside a parent div. On scroll up show #1, on scroll down show #2.

Now the challenge comes if you need lots of numbers. Personally, I’d choose a custom script for this.


Thanks for the answer i think that i gave me a good idea :slight_smile:
Thank you so much

Not a problem. Have Fun!