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How to do interaction like this in Webflow?

Hi there guys! I’m a UX/UI Designer not far ago started using webflow and i wonder how to do text interaction like on this website (when scroll down or up) i’m talking about both text and number interaction. Can somebody help me please)

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@pzhydkykh this will be done with scroll interaction. Take a look here and you might fin what you are looking for

Yeah, i’ve watched videos about interaction, but i didn’t find how to reveal text like that. It looks like text leaves not from 100% of the page it leaves from 80% of the page like from the hidden block.

Ok, i would do a scroll interaction. Having divs with text. In the interaction having the divs hidden, then change them to visibel and move the from left or right. Not sure this is cristal clear but hope this will give you some help in interaction you can choose show/hide and move

You want to make such an interaction in webflow and show me?)

Yes i could but not now, dinner time in Sweden. I can do it later and let you know When done, ok?

Maybe somone else in another time zone out there?..

Oh, that’s so sweet of you. Thank you very much, I will wait)

@pzhydkykh here is an animation. It’s not exactly öike the one you wanted but something similair.
Taks to long time to build a copy hope this will give you an idea.


Great! Thanks! That what i need)

You can clone the project