How to make sticky sidebar scrollable menu with CMS?

Hi guys,

I made a CMS with the content I want, it has 16 items, etc. Now I tried to make a sidebar menu as shown on this page Amazon's Leadership Principles, how do I make it? It is not clear to me how to make this left menu fixed and this right side move and the color of the link change when it comes to another link title, otherwise we want to do it all through the CMS that I made. How to connect left and right side?

Thank you!

HI @ag12224 functionality you are looking for is called Table of Content ( ToC ) if you will use keywords ToC webflow in your favourite search engine you will get many results. Here is one to start with.

another way is to use search input field in this forum you can find in top left as this forum is great source of solved requests. Search have also advanced section to narrow down your search.

hope this will solve your request

Thank you. Also, I don’t know why my sidebar menu overrides all the sections above (here is my website - Culture).

Hi @ag12224 I will recommend to look into working examples you can find and spend some time to study these what is different compare to your approach. Without read-only is hard for anyone to give any accurate response. The best way is to follow Forum request guide that is pinned on top of each section topic.

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