Make a fixed on page side menu which navigates through information right available with the CMS Editor

Hi Webflow,

I want to make a sticky menu on the left which makes it easy to navigate to the information on the right. When you click on it on the left it needs to bring you to the information you need on the right. I have it working now here:

But I want to have the possibility to add new menu’s and information with the CMS editor. So my client can add their own information.

Could you help me out…

Here is my public share link:

To get it to work as you want it you would need the ability to set the ID of the div with CMS. That feature doesn’t appear to be available yet:

Thanks for the find @Joe_Hoff . It’s a pity it’s not possible yet. So i made a feature request on the whishlist page. If you wish to make the function real, please vote:

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