How to make Justified grid


I’m new to Webflow, so I don’t have a website yet, but I would like to know if it’s possible to have Justified Grid with Webflow and how it could works with CMS?

For example, I would like a photo gallery with dynamic column layout (changing depending of the image like 3 images on a row, next row is one big image, next 2-3, etc.). Is it possible? How?

Thank you

Hi @Nic727

Welcome to the forums - you can always start with one of the free templates to get familiar with how things work:

Sounds like you are looking for the magic of flexbox:

Eventually we should also have a CSS grid option as well:

Hope that helps

Thank you for the links. Will read that!

My idea is to make my photo gallery a mix of this and this.

I think Justified grid allow a good organisation and a very clean way to show image compared to masonry which can cause some problems on mobile.

If I understand correctly to achieve what I want, each row should be in a different div if I want to have
Row 1 - 2 images
Row 2 - 1 image
Row 3 - 3 images

Am I right?