Flexbox "Grid layout" with CMS dynamic items

Hi all,

I have a quick question. I just discovered the ‘Flexbox’ option on Webflow and I feel it’s an awesome feature. I run into a design question though :

First of all. How do I use this kinda flex layout in one single CMS dynamic list?

secondly, will it be even possible to do below layout into one single CMS dynamic list?

is it possible at all??? You can find my project link below.


Currently I followed the ‘Tech’ CMS template on WF but every (post) is a single dynamic list…I feel like I am building this the wrong way (as in not easy to maintain later on…? or not?) I am not sure if I am doing the right thing…? yes or no could someone tell me?

Let me know, Thank You!!! Love you guys <3

You can’t.

You can achieve non uniform grids with Flexbox because you can give non uniform values to the grid items. But with the CMS, in a Dynamic link, the properties of the grid items are strictly identical. The examples you show need Flex properties on the Flex wrapper AND on the Flex sub items.

However, you can make a CMS grid like this, with or without Flex, by using several Dyn Lists:

No. (Well no without javascript or CSS custom code. Javascript can do anything, and CSS pseudo elements can do wonders too).

That are the current limitations of the Dynamic Lists.

That’s a safe bet to assume that in the future we should be able to play with things like “flex dynamic lists” where we can give non uniform values to the grid item. But as for now you need several dyn lists to make non uniform grids.

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