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Grid image gallery?

I’m try to build a website and playing with WEBFLOW and it’s very great.
I can’t find grid image gallery. I have mo coding skills, so is there a possibility to made something like this?
thank you for your help!

Have you looked at webflow’s explainer videos yet?
I recommend this one where they teach you how to use a grid:

I’d say the easiest way to achieve that grid look is:

  1. create a grid with the amount of rows and columns you need
  2. set the space in between rows and columns to 0
  3. put a div block into each cell
  4. Give div blocks a certain hight or width
  5. give each div block a background image (image you want to be displayed in the grid)
    OR instead of step 4 and 5 just drag images into the div blocks
  6. make div blocks expand over several cells (as shown in the video at 4:12) to achieve the look you want


Also this video:

You’re amazing Amelie! Thank you!!!

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Glad I could help :slight_smile: