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How to make different forms submit to multiple specific emails?

I want to create different submission forms for each of my team members. When a user submits a form for a specific team member, it sends the submission to that specific team member’s email address. How do I do this for each team member?

Thanks so much, any advice is greatly appreciated.

@Tak I’d usually add the form name or the unique form identifier in the Email subject. Send it to a primary email (Gmail) which is setup to forward the email based on the keyword on the subject line.

Right now, you need to use Zapier, Integromat, for handle the routing or a third party form that can do it instead of Webflow’s. Sometime in the near future Webflow will be providing this type of functionality with “LOGIC” which was announce recently.

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Thanks Jeff! Can you point me to any resources for setting this up using Zapier/Integromat?

Hey @Tak , take a look into this: