How to attach different forms to different email addresses on same website?

The website I’m building is for my company, which consists of a few different departments.
The website needs to have 4 separate forms: a program application form, a general query form, a personal profile form, and a program extension request form.

I’ve built out a few of these forms, but I noticed that I can only control where submissions go by clicking Project Settings > Forms. There isn’t an option to specify which forms go to which email addresses.

There’s another problem as well. It appears I’m unable to give each group of forms a unique email header, like “New Program Application form has been submitted” and “New general query form has been submitted.”

Can anyone advise?

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Hi, I put together a workaround tutorial using a gmail account to achieve this. You can see the tutorial here Multiple forms going to different emails workaround!

You can also use zapier for this but you’ll have to look for other tutorials on how to set that up.

Good luck!

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Thank you very much for doing this!