How to make auto-removal success message?

Hi guys. I would like, that a feedback window after sending a form, type "Thank you! Your submission has been received! ", disappeared after 3-5 seconds. How I am able to do it?

Friends, really aren’t present the decision?

this can help you =)

No it won’t because he wants to know how to autohide the success message that is on Webflow form by default. To be honest I don’t know how to make this one. Yet.

It is a pity that there is no solution. And thank you very much for your answers.

Thanks for the feedback @2618252. Is there a reason you want to show it only for 5 seconds?

Not necessarily exactly 5 seconds. The main thing that disappeared after a short time.

It’s tickling my curiosity :smiley: so i gave it a try and found it can be done by create a dummy element (e. an empty Div block) and give it a class name ‘w form done’ (without single quote of course)

Next action needed is a 2 steps interaction for your Submit button. Make 1 interaction and set it for different element.

Set 1st step to nothing but wait for 5000ms and 2nd step to 0 (zero) opacity for 500ms. You can always have different way to hide it of course. But, hey, there your success message dissapear after 5 sec :smiley:


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Hi Webflow team. Is this something you might include in a future update? Is the workaround that @pastiwibawa suggested the only/best way to do this at the moment?