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Hide success/error form messages after a few seconds


How can I design it such that the “Success” or “Error” message (after a user completes a form) disappears after a few seconds.

When I preview the webpage and fill out a form, a “Success” message appears but I can’t seem to click out of it.

Thank you in advance!



Hello @rngu

You just need to select the form wrapper go to your form settings on the setting panel

Select the state Success/Error

and when you select them, the Success/Error appears on your designer

Select the Success/Error container/div and give it a class and you style it anyway you want

Hope this helps, let me know if so.


I believe the above post is giving you half the answer. The second part would be to give the success or error class an interaction with a “Load” trigger. Then use the following settings:

Apply this interaction to your success or error div. Whichever you are trying to make disappear.

You probably don’t target your div through Affect different element(s). But I did since I was testing another option.

Thank you @r_rosenow and @aaronocampo!

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