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How to make AM/PM dates appear without the AM/PM part inside of the designer?

I’m looking for a creative solution that will help me cope with the absence of support of International Time format in the Designer.

First, thanks if you read this and try to find a solution. Maybe hard, may be impossible.

Webflow deals with time in an ISO international format, under the hood (it imports it into the CMS, exports it) but it’s only outputing AM/PM time. (there are enough options for you to craft any DATE format you want with no less than 27 options, but only one HH:MM AM time format option).

I’m using scripts to translate dates and time for the published site and that works well.

However, as I’m crafting schedule tables in the designer, I suffer a lot with AM/PM time, that takes up much more width than Standard 24h time.

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The only way to alter what’s in the designer is to use Custom Code CSS within the viewport. But as cool as pseudo elements and CSS are, there is no way to target the last word of a sentence, or the last n letters, or the 7 and 8th letters (which wouldn’t work anyway because the time can be 5 or 6 digits with AM PM).

I tried using code injection extensions and Javascript: if you’re looking to make Webflow crash beautifully in smoke and sparkles, that’s exactly what you should do :wink:

I’m not looking to translate AM Pm time wittin the designer, just to hide the space and AM/PM part, to be able to design and fine-tuned tables. (so no masking with overflow either).

If someone can find a dark magic way to ease the pain for me here, I’ll definitely have something for under his Christmas tree soon :slight_smile:

I hope we get numerous options to natively craft time how we want it soon. If you’re a user from an AM Pm time zone and wonder why it’s such an issue, it’s just that for international time countries, AM PM time makes sense, but it’s unacceptable in a site or document for a client, it’s like speaking another language.