How to make a multistep form (1 question per page)?

Hi I need to collect data on the same model as

I really like their form with one question per page. This makes the interaction smoother (see attachment) :arrow_down:

Would you know if I can do this directly from Webflow (1) or does it require a form app integration (2)?

In the case (2), which form application would you recommend?

Thanks for taking the time to help me. Have a good day

Conversational forms are hard to build with sliders in webflow due to error handling. I know Typeform is easy to implement into webflow as they use it themselves. Jotform also has this functionality; others probably do as well.

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@webdev – is it hard, but not impossible? I’m in a similar boat. Building a website template that will include a multi-step form.

If it’s possible, I’d rather sink the time/$ into building it vs. having my clients pay Typeform/Jotform.

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@stjoad - Yes, it is possible if you have the coding chops. Not something I would consider doing due to WF limitations myself. Check the showcase for some examples as I am sure there are some.

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@Testing_Things here is an example of multistep form from Timothy Ricks: T.RICKS Multi-Step Form - Webflow

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Hey Jeff, thanks for helping. I’ll check this out and let you know how it’s going!

Oh yeah loving it ! Thanks mate