How to localize the localize list?

The title says it all. I’m in my locale in the popup at the top in Designer. Select the Locales list > Locale > Dropdown link… right click, Translate to Thai (in this case)… nothing happens! Publish the site, just to see… nope, when I switch to the Thai locale, “English” and “Thai” show as exactly that in English.

How can I auto translate this? Kinda crazy that I have to ask this.

Also, seems like there’s no way to select the individual words. In most use cases, I’d want the language on my English locale to show IN Thai in the dropdown (and vice versa). That seems almost universal. Is this possible?

You can use my approach here-

However what you’re describing is slightly different.
I’m displaying each locale in its localized name regardless of the locale you have selected. I prefer that approach since e.g. a Chinese speaker on a Dutch site may not recognize their locale written in Dutch.

If you really want to localize the locale names to the currently-selected locale you could adjust the CSS in my example to use the :lang() pseudoselector and customize the :before content to the current locale.

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Even if it worked, you’re going to get a garbage auto-translation into Thai anyway. Is that really what you want to present to potential Thai customers?

Actually, it took awhile to really notice but… it was technically staring me in the face. Under Settings > Localization in the designer there is “Display name” which can be changed to the locale’s name in the actual locale language :sweat: - but, link above will come back to… would be great to have more options as well as easily recognizable custom flags. So, thanks for chiming in!