How to link to a specific category page

Hi there

I have a Shop where I categorize products into several categories like

  • caps
  • hoddies

So I did categories and put the product list in the category page and filtering it to the present category. Till here all good. But I do not see how to link to every specific category page like “all caps”, “all Hoddies”, etc. I need to linkt to a specific category page from Navigation and Bread Crumbs.

I am looking for it since hours.

Thanks for Feedback

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Javier,

Webflow doesn’t have a mechanism for directly selecting a CMS item page ( like a category page ) in the links menu. Likely because there could be thousands of items.

Instead, go visit the published page and grab the relative link, like;


And then set your link to that using the URL option.