How to link CMS to CMS through a button link

I’ve built two CMS collection name-“destination” and “booking site”. In destination collection there is a button which is suppose to link with each and every booking page(collection list), but as we know if tit gets changed it will gets changed for all the destination. So how can I make different link for that same button ?

I’ve tried creating a link in the collection list(does’nt work). It created the link for all the pages, I could’nt separate.

Here is my website- Webflow - Hotel website

Webflow U has a series of courses you’ll want to dig into on how to use the CMS.
What you have in your screenshot is the collection designer view, which is where you create the fields for your collection. There you would want one field, a URL field named something like Booking Link.

Then, in your CMS records themselves, you’d put the link data.