How to keep footer at the bottom


I’m trying to fix the footer at the bottom of every page – thus it’s set on fixed position, and bottom
But the footer is now visible on every page, and the content is “readable” via scrolling
If there is long content to scroll down for, I would rather have the footer only appear when hitting the end of the page.
There was a topic about it here in 2016 but I tried the methods and it didnt work (aka set up a div height-sized the same as the footer or wrap the whole page content in a div set to flex-column)
here is my read-only link: Webflow - PSDL

I’m sure it’s a no brainer and easy as every website does it but I dont find the option or right setting to put it on :confused:


Take a look at this post - Sticky footer doesn't show

hi @olive009 the post from @SoCal-Marcel is IMO not the way how it can be done but if it will work for you that is fine (there is alway many ways). There are other ways how footer can be managed when there is not enough content. Here is short video with other solution how it can be done. I use this approach in edge cases as there always should be enough content but …

hope you will find it helpful

@Stan thank you! I like this way very much and it effectively worked, doing it on all pages now :slight_smile: super helpful

thanks @SoCal-Marcel !