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Sticky footer doesn't show

Hi guys,

I’m having this sticky footer problem. I would like it to stick to the bottom but send back to the bottom layer. As it is now it doesn’t pop up when I scroll down. Hope this makes sense:-)

Here is my public share link:

Anyone? Pretty please :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “set back to the bottom layer”?

like in this site for example (the footer):

This website also uses it:

Is there maybe someone who can help me out here?

1.Wrap your content in a Div and set the position to “relative”. Set it to “top” and give the z-index “10”.
2. As for the footer section, set the position to “relative" as well and give it a height maybe around “400px” and wrap your footer container into another Div and set the position to “fixed/bottom”.

Hope this solves your query. Let me know if you have anymore questions.


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Hi Textileranch,

Thank you for the response. It still doesn’t work however. I did exactly what you advised but it is still not visible:

Other tips?

Hi Goderd,

I think my instructions was a bit unclear. Check the screenshots below to achieve that effect your after.





Thank you textileranch! Works perfect now!

Again, many thanks!

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