How to jump to an element on your page with the navigator? Live preview doesn't work?

The title says it all. The first issue I’m having is that my site looks amazing on web and mobile however because of the way it’s setup, using slider, I can’t scroll down the website when editing. This means I can’t visually see any elements other than those on the first slider. While this is annoying, the work around I’ve been doing is working on the main slider and then copying to the slider it’s supposed to be on.

The second issue I’m having, which is kinda similar to the first, is that I can’t live preview my site. It doesn’t scroll at all. Again, while not the biggest issue, I’d like to see how every slider reacts to different screen sizes so it’s more cumbersome to test if the live preview doesn’t work.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

My read only site is here: LINK

Live Test Site:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Here’s a suggestion: try accessing the different sliders directly through the Navigator panel. This way, you can select and edit elements on other sliders without scrolling.

Regarding the live preview issue, it sounds like a scripting or styling conflict might be preventing proper scrolling. Double-check your custom code sections for any potential conflicts. Sometimes, scripts or styles specific to sliders can interfere with Webflow’s default behavior, especially in preview mode.

Good luck!

What worked for me was tweaking the slider settings, especially the overflow and height options. Messed around till I could scroll in the editor. Also, for the live preview, try checking if there’s any custom code messing things up.