How to integrate Scheduling Appointments with Subscription checkout | No solutions?

I’m attempting to look for a solution that integrates an appointment scheduling software with a subscription based payment system. (Square API + Outseta?) I’m non-technical so if this is the solution I would need to hire a dev, but if anyone has a better work around I’m all ears.

From a general standpoint this needs to allow users to:

  1. Login/Create Account
  2. Allow users to book an appointment from a tier of (3) offerings. (Login/NewUser)
  3. Allow users to share their name, email, address, and phone number.
  4. Select their service provider, multiple dates and times
  5. Checkout

One note is that most appointment booking software is built for brick-and-mortar, and therefore it doesn’t prompt users to share their address. This may be a simple thing, but beyond subscriptions it is the most important.

Hey Parkandjungle Ac to me you can use any of them ac to your need --1.Acuity Scheduling: This software allows you to create custom appointment types, set up recurring appointments, and accept payments online. It integrates with Square, Stripe, and PayPal for payment processing. You can also collect client information, including their address, during the booking process.
2. This software offers a variety of scheduling features, including the ability to book appointments with specific service providers and collect customer information during the booking process. It also supports subscription-based payments and integrates with Square and other payment processors.
3. Appointlet: This scheduling software allows you to create appointment types, set up availability for your service providers, and accept payments through Stripe or PayPal. It also supports custom booking forms where you can collect customer information, including their address.
Hope this may help you

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Thanks for your help!