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Booking Platforms?

Hello Everyone,

Some context before I begin the question. I am a designer and my knowledge in back-end coding is below par. Also, My cousin is opening up a studio next month and he wants people to have the ability to book studio times and make payments directly on his website.

Are there any booking/calendar/payment platforms that integrate well with Webflow and give the ability to add custom styling to fit the brand? If so, which ones are the best?

Would love to hear what’s out there!


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Check these ones:


These are the ones I have utilised, there are tons but you can try these if you want.

There is always the pro option, but like you said that you’re not that into code maybe the next one wont help you but there it is if you want to take a look

1 Like is nice and I also like

Hey aaron,

I appreciate the response. With Calendly you were able to customize the styling of the platform so that it fits the branding of what is being designed?

Thanks once again!

Awesome! With Square are you able to customize the style of the platform?

I would highly suggest using It easily embeds into your Webflow site as a web app.

I recently found it, and it’s been awesome. I’ve been able to create a scoring application for a company that hosts marathon events. The app needed to have meters logged, display meters logged, show leaders, allow sign-up into teams, show account progress to 100,000 meters, and a bunch more (we’re still working on it for the November 24th launch, but we’ve already got users signed up).

Knack is robust enough for something like that, and simple enough to create your own booking calendar with Stripe/Paypal integration.

Check out this events calendar template:

This calendar template can be embedded right into your website. Events can be filtered, categorized, and color-coded. The community submits their own events for approval.

And you can find other templates here:

Plus Knack integrates with Zapier if you need to import some of that info into your Webflow site:

You can use my referral link to sign-up for free:

Their cheapest plan is $39 more than with more flexibility.

Hopefully this helps

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