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Best Setup for 'Requesting' Appointments?

I have a client that wants potential customers to be able to request appointments through his website. He currently has his Facebook page set up with the Facebook appointment booker–it’s linked with his Google Calendar. He says he wants the site set up so that the booking app on the site knows what time slots are available on his Google Calendar and provides those available options to the potential client. Different services that he provides require different allotments of time on the calendar. However, he wants to be able to approve appointments before they are committed into the calendar. Is this possible, and what set up and/or prefered web apps would you use in this case? Thank you!


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Take a look at these:

I’ve used Get Omnify at it was fabulous! Full functioning as a standalone with integration for a site. On the pricey side but for sure one of the top applications to use.

A member service would work even better. Try Memberstack since it’s built for Webflow! I can’t wait to actually use this. You can build inside of Webflow and members can manage their own account.

Just add payment options for appointments that they can confirm via email. Booking apps will do the same, but Memberstack is inside Webflow.

Hope this helps ya :slight_smile:

Hi, is another option.


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OH yeah I liked Calendly too… we were gonna go with it but decided on Omnify. But yeah Calendly was the second choice, I can’t believe I forgot to add that one :blush:

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Do you have an example of a site that used Omnify?

Hi @ACR,

No I don’t have one now, there were 2 health clubs that were using it about 4 years ago. One closed down and the other partner with another studio that is using Mind Body. I really didn’t like that one, but others tend to keep it.

However, without a doubt these two are the best that I saw. The prices may have gone up by now, and trying to build an app like these would be super expensive. :smile:

Hello, don’t kill me but I’ve been using acuity scheduling for years prior to squarespace purchasing them. All of my calendar availability is set in their backend and embedded in my webflow site.
See my site here
Try selecting photography service to see the embedded form.

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Thanks for the mention @garymichael1313 and we are happy that you chose Omnify :blush:

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