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SVG Icon Animation

@danro @Daniel_Remes @DFink @cyberdave

Hi Guys anyone know how to integrate these sort of SVG animations into webflow?
enter link description here
or even this cool kit
enter link description here

Hi @garethknott, yes you can integrate these, but you will need to use custom jQuery and/or javascript to integrate these into your page. If you follow the implementation instructions on the source pages, you just need to follow their directions, and create your design elements using Webflow or you can use an Embed to paste html tags, and then in the Custom Code section of your site settings, you would put all your javascript for your effect in the Before Body panel of your Custom Code section.

The only way for myself or someone else probably to tell you step by step is to actually do this, so maybe someone on the forum can help, but you might also find some javascript/jQuery people to help you also :slight_smile: I hope this helps.

Cheers, Dave

Those are cool but I feel like I’d be limited in my design using them because they wouldn’t be visible until export. I’d much rather replicate the effects with interactions and keep it all in webflow. I hope the webflow guys will start to allow things like these as plugins in the store. Like, If I went through and made all of them in webflow, being able to save them and use them on other projects as well as sell them in the store. Just an idea.