How to improve google audit score on mobile - First Contentful Paint issue

Hi Webflowers,

The client wants to have mobile score above 90 on google audits and the current score is between 82-85 on mobile because of the First Contentful Paint 3G

from the pagespeed insights the main problem is First Contentful Paint 3G - 6060ms

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Thanks for in advance, I would be so grateful for a help!

I would look at Google’s docs on First Contentful Paint.

FCP basically calculates how long it takes for useful content to show on your page. I would run the test after removing the page load-in animation and see if it improves the score.

That was the first thing I have tried but didn’t effect it so much actually.

Possible duplicate here: Improve Pagespeed Webflow

This actually works. Solved a bunch of issues I had with my setup.

what actually works? could you tell me please?

Weird, it didn’t link my reply.

Super helpful in getting my site onto my own host, full featured, and responsive.

Before you pay for another software, do all of the simple things first. Did you minify your code? Are there large files you can shrink and optimize? Can you remove unnecessary custom code?

Something to consider: most top-level company home pages don’t pass the PageSpeed test. For instance, YouTube scores a 27. And scores a 58. I don’t think it will help anything.

Hey @joejola here is the Founder of Stacket.

Actually, the main reason to built Stacket was due to load slow times and the lack of performance features Webflow has offered me.

So I built a wide range of Performance Features such as Automatic Image Compression into WebP or AVIF (newest image codex on earth) and Async Javascript Loading and way more others to improve the website load time.

When we talk about website load time, minifying code does maybe bring 0.1% overall because saving some bytes doesn’t affect any load time. Removing Javascript Files or unused Code is also not noteable to the browser, so rather shrinking image size, async load the scripts files, inline the css, prefetch all links automatically speeds up the process heavily.

Something to consider: most top-level company home pages don’t pass the PageSpeed test. For instance, YouTube scores a 27. And scores a 58. I don’t think it will help anything.

First of all, Google Pagespeed has absolut nothing to do with the actual real website performance. It is known for showing wrong numbers and confusing people.

The CEO of Webflow has also stated this here: HTTP Compression, CSS/JS Minification, Eliminate Render Blocking, and PageSpeed - #5 by brryant

And even Google Websites are failing for Google Pagespeed:

Now, it’s getting funny. Look here ( Pagespeed Test):

Do you think Amazon has bad SEO or bad marketing because of pagespeed is showing here the half of 100%? Nope, because my guess is that Pagespeed has not anything to do with ranking or anything (Even if Google tries to convince people to)

So in the end of the day what you would want to do is image compression, lazy loading of images,videos,iframes, async javascript loading, defer stuff etc. This is what really is needed.

I can tell you the load time of and it is about 0.1-0.3 seconds (not cached) here:

Which is about 90% faster than all websites in the internet.

Anyway, Stacket will improve your Pagespeed Scores regardless if that is important or not. All Google Recommendations are solved using that app.

I hope it has cleared the mind what is important today and what not.

Didn’t mean to ruffle any feathers. My point about PageSpeed results is that it doesn’t say much about a website’s performance. Since most top-level companies don’t pass the test (including many pages and sites from Google), PageSpeed is clearly not a perfect benchmark.

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Ah yeah :slight_smile: this is what I want to say also. It is clearly not an benchmark tool but a lot people think that. To Improve though the real website performance (but also some bits of pagespeed) you need some modern picture formats etc which you just can not get with Webflow Native. This is the reason why I built the app.