LCP and FCP load time is high

Hi everyone and Thanks in Advance for help!
We are experiencing crazy load time for our website -
The main issue from the test we did is the - First Contentful Paint (6.3s!!!).

Things we tried in order to optimize the load time

Minified JS and CSS,
Cleared unnecessary CSS
Compressed images to webP/SVG
Eliminate render-blocking resources
Checked and resolved all the Search Console page-indexing issues like Page Redirects, Duplicate without user-selected canonical, Blocked by robots.txt.

Other than that, It would be very helpful if anyone would have any advice on how to improve this.

Impossible to test as it appears you are performing redirects on your home page. It crashed the tests both times I tried to run it. The more stuff you throw at the browser the greater the impact will be. I suspect your bounce rate is pretty high.

Looking at the page speed reports on my end, I believe that your Lottie assets need to be better optimized. In addition, I would recommend that you evaluate your class system to ensure that you don’t have multiple classes that do the same thing and that the class system takes things like common spacing values, text & background colors into consideration. This will ensure that your CSS file isn’t bloated with anything you don’t need.

I hope this helps!

Hi Everyone,

Here is my website

Performance is good for desktop version but in mobile view, FCP & LCP are high. I tried implementing the advice as discussed here in conversation. Still I find LCP is 5s & FCP is also 5s. Can someone help me about this please…