Need help improving mobile PageSpeed from 70+ to 90+

The client wants the page speed (+performance in the lighthouse) to be in the “green zone” on mobile, so 90+ points. I’ve optimized it already from 20 points to around 70 (85, if there are no images on the page at all), but don’t know what else could be done now.

Minifyed HTML, CSS and JS already, optimized images as best as I could (Google asking for WebP formats - going to try hosting images.webp on AWS s3) and even added loading delay to the support-chat wigdet in google tag manager

Seems like the most problematic parts are webflow css and js files now: render-blocking resource and unused javascript. Is there something I can do here? Really don’t want to leave the client with “export and host the website somewhere else if you want higher scores”

Pls help :frowning:

Here is the read-only link: Webflow - Andy

This was the first site I’ve made for a client, so css classes are kind of a mess. Will restructuring and reducing the amound of them improve the speed a lot? Seems like a lot of work for a potential couple of speed points

Nothing you can do about the loading of Webflow core assets.

Create a blank page and test it. Then use that as a starting point. With Webflow I can get a 98 in on mobile on a page with a heading and a paragraph, no fonts, and no IX2 added and nothing but default styles. From there it goes downhill quick. High 80’s is the best I can do on hosted Webflow sites. My self-hosted and optimized WordPress sites typically are in the upper 90’s. like (100 on mobile) which is a reason I have migrated quite a few sites.

The biggest bump you can typically get if you are loading Google fonts is to download them and upload them to Webflow so they are served from assets, not Google.

Thanks for your response, Jeff!

Unfortunately, I’ve already changed google fonts for custom files and set up swap property + fallback fonts. So it seems like I won’t be able to get the mobile score higher then an average of 75 on webflow hosting