How to impliment a Spinning Wheel

How to impliment a widget like this? Anybody who already did it? Thanks in advance, Christine

Do you have a link to this widget?

HI Alex,

thanks for your reply, I’m looking for a link to send it to you.

Thanks in advance, Christine


HI Dram,
so far I haven’t found a widget which is possible to use for webflow too, but here is a link to a website that uses such a spinning wheel I talking about or better one I want to use with our webflow project. greetings, christine
ps: maybe you know where I can find such a widget or how I can transfer it to our webflow project. plus, maybe I should mention that I’m a total beginner with webflow:))

Well, any sort of widget will do, since it is possible to use any kind of custom code in Webflow. What widgets are there?