Horizontal mousewheel scroll

I have searched and found a few topics but when I place the code in the body of the page I want to effect, there is no effect. Can anyone give me a bit of a dummies guide to getting the horizontal scroll from the mousewheel?

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Could you please edit and provide ALL the necessary details in your post so we can take a look at your site/issue?

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http://flettgraphik.webflow.io/festivals Cheers for the reply, this is the page, I would like any visitors to be able to scroll horizontally with the mousewheel or possible on hover. At present it is a little odd to navigate with a tiny scrollbar and hyperactive lightbox transitions. I have tried placing some jquery code at the end of the body but it doesn’t work and to be honest I’ve never been 100% confident when implementing JS.

Sorry, your site is over 10MB. That’s very rude especially when I’m on mobile.

A good site will be under 2MB, or even 1MB like this https://samliew.com

How do I optimise the size of the site without infringing on photo quality, the pictures are already at a dangerously unattractive size?

Try one of these

Best Image Optimization Tools

I used the free pc one to reduce the size but the site will still be relatively large due to the number of photographs. I will have the photos replaced by 2019, you know the asset “manager” is interesting. hahaha

Hey Paul,

I used this as a reference for creating a horizontal scroll, make sure that your class names are the same as the embedded code or adjust it to your class names.

All the credit goes to JUXTA for figuring out how to implement this.

Thank you for this it worked perfectly!

I have a minor issue, it doesnt work on Safari, is there something I can do?

Thank you!

Hey there.
Did you also try to use pagination with it? Because i cannot manage to make it work. It messes up with the position of the “next” button when you publish the project