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How to implement jQuery modals like Behance w/ Webflow

I have not started this webflow project yet so there is no read only link to share. I am just researching the possibility of adding this here in the forums.

I would like to build a new project that has a portfolio collection on homepage. When a collection item is clicked I would like the modal to pop up containing the collection item content and the index url change to the page url of the collection item. Examples of this outside Webflow include Behance and Unsplash. How can I incorporate this interaction in a webflow project?

Here is a stack overflow answer on doing it w/ bootstrap and jQuery:

Any ideas on how to accomplish in webflow?

Hard to answer this q (this is more freelancer job). Behance ui and code are not so simple to recreate (i don’t find any pop ups under behave website please add specific screenshots/url).

Fancybox3 support html page as popup.

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