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How to have current state class apply to sub pages


My main navigation items are home and library and under the library section i have multiple sub navigation elements in the side bar.

I have grouped all of the sub navigation elements in a folder called library.

How would I have the current state class continue to apply to the library item in the main navigation?

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hi @rvairamohan1

Can you please share the read-only link of your project so that the community and I can help you resolve this issue?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

edited in my main post. apologies.

any solutions?
I also tried using this: Current pseudo classes on sub pages

but that just made things messy once the user switched tabs to library page.


@cyberdave is there a plausible solution to my problem here.
What i would like to achieve is when i navigate into the library section, and to one of its subpages. I want library in the top nav to have the current class applied. Please advise.

Interested in this as well.

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I’m trying to do the same thing. Anyone find a solution?