How to have a background design (not image)

Hello all, I do hope my frequent questions won’t become an issue ahahaha

I am learning webflow currently, and when i use webflow examples to get ideas, i commonly run into websites having background designs.

This is a simple example. In the background it has those grey lines that go from the top of the page, all the way to the bottom. I tried to find a background image in the body or elsewhere, but i couldnt find it. I have created a background design i like in webflow, and i’m trying to re-create it in webflow, but this issue is kind of a problem. I tried working around it by adding the design elements one by one but that would be extremely difficult placing images everywhere etc.

Here is the design i’m trying to implement (figma). Its the frames with a very dark grey background, with blurred purple and yellow circles.

ps. I’ve already tried to add it as a background image but i can’t import that large of an image.

Anyone know how its done?

I managed to compress the image around 5 times using tools, and set it to contain, and now it seems to have done the job. Although i’m not sure if this is the right way to do it. Can anyone confirm?

My read only link

hi @nicomallourides the lines you are looking for are coming from grid-container “section” that is on the end (bottom) of page elements. You can spend a bit more time on this example to learn how things are done :wink:

Thank you, that solved that pages background!