How to have different margins for different elements within eachother?

Hi all, i’m a beginner and i’m creating websites for local brands as practice. I created a wireframe (i think its called that) on Figma, and now i’m trying to recreate it in webflow. A problem i’ve run into is
I want a couple photos to span the width of the page, while in a container that has a margin of eg 50 as i want it to have a background colour different than the body colour. Its a bit confusing so i’ll add links.

Its frame 8 on figma. (last one)

I’d also appreciate thoughts on the design, as i made it from scratch with no layouts and used monochromatic colours.

Edit: I have finished a rough design of the website, and yes, i see how utterly terrible the proportions are, it didnt happen on my other websites, so tomorrow i’ll have a look to see why the hell it proportions itself so terribly on larger screens. May even make another post ahahah.

Read only figma link:

Webflow link: